Fourth Hoe Is The Charm For Tiger

Dec 05th, 2009

Just when you thought Tiger couldn't eff up his life/career/marriage should we go on? Mistress #4 has come forth.

These girls are just coming out of the woodwork!

Lucky lady number FOUR yes FOUR has just announced her affair with Tiger Woods. According to TMZ she's not wasting anytime, she's already hired lawyer Michael O'Quinn to suck the last millions from poor Tiger.

The cocktail waitress says their relationship blossomed not in Vegas, but near Tiger's Orlando home. The golf pro sure does have a thing for waitresses, we wonder if the slutty evening wear has anything to do with it?

Mistress #4 says her affair with Tiger began in 2004, when she was only 20!! This affair lasted over two years. Well at least she turned 21 some at some point!

Tiger your PR agent has really got their work cut out for them this year. You'd better give 'em a nice Chri$tma$ bonus!!

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