Gary Busey's Crazy

Jul 14th, 2011

We've never written about Gary Busey before, but why not start now? He's just as crazier as ever! Not sure how much of this is true, but since it's Gary, we're going to believe it.

Wildman Gary Busey unkempt and scary-looking a usual while waiting for a flight to LAX - frightened a 60-ish man wearing a baseball cap decorated with a logo of a goose standing by a river when he stopped the startled fella in his tracks and honked: "I WANT THAT HAT! I'll give you two hundred bucks for it." Nervously declining, the man walked around the actor - who stopped him again and barked: "Okay, okay...I'll give you three hundred bucks for the hat! I really want it because I'm from Goose Creek, Texas, and it reminds me of home." Stunned, the guy had a sudden change of heart. "You've got a deal," he said, accepting $300 cash from loosey-goosey Gary - who slapped on the cap and headed for the wild blue yonder.

Ah, to be a fly on that airport wall. One can wish!

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