Gary Coleman's Arrested, Watchu Talkin' Bout Willis?!

Jan 28th, 2010

Apologies for the delay in this midget sized story. Our site's been a little out of whack the past couple of days. But we're back in action and let's begin by discussing Gary Coleman's latest. Our favorite little midge has been arrested.

Coleman's arrest follows his wife being arrested on a domestic violence charge last year after they battled.

A law enforcement source told that the "Different Strokes" actor is being held on $1725 bail but refused to specify if police had specifically sought to pick up Coleman or if his arrest had been the result of a chance encounter with police. "He's been booked. He's in the jail right now," the law enforcement source told

Coleman is married to Shannon Price. The star said that the couple married on August 28, 2007 on her 22nd birthday. Things have been rocky ever since.

UPDATE: Gary Coleman remains in jail Monday morning. (source)

Not that Gary is any type of catch, but have you seen his hot mess of a wife? Or their amazing appearance on Court TV? Seriously, they have a reality show surrounding three dumb whore sisters, plastic barbies living in the hills, and a bunch of guidos, but no one has decided to consider giving this cute couple a shot??? Wonder what kind of stroke he used on her...

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