George Clooney Got With Nancy O'Dell

Oct 09th, 2009

Looks like we all should become TV hosts! It only takes that much to bed one of the hottest movie stars---George Clooney. When it comes to Nancy O'Dell bia admitted to dating the super star when she was single. Note that she made sure to say "single" which means she was humping Clooney on the side.

"When I was single, George and I did have a connection, which started with work. I was between my divorce and my current husband [Keith Zubulevich] and yes, we went to dinner a few times! I clicked with George and we always got along so well. I think the world of him. It was difficult for me, because you get to learn so much about him off camera and you obviously can’t talk about it. You have to draw the line between friend and not reporter. Sometimes it’s difficult to do the correct thing." (source)

Oh yes. Life must be so difficult. While we're all up to our ears in bills, this chick thinks it's hard to draw the line between reporter and friend. SOB STORY. The ween must have been good! Not good enough to keep him around---actually we're more than positive he's the one that dumped her obviously talkin' arse.

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