George Clooney Sells His Italian Paparazzi Infested Villa

Mar 02nd, 2010

Poor George Clooney the millionaire. Looks like the star can't take all of the paparazzi outside of his $8 million Italian Villa. And who's looking to buy from him? Mr. David Beckham and fam. At least David won't have to worry about buying food since Victoria Beckham can barely swallow a pea.

Potential buyers of the 18th-century Villa Oleandra at Laglio on Lake Como, which Clooney bought in 2002 for a reported $8 million, include the footballer David Beckham, who plays for AC Milan.

The villa complex, said to be on sale for 20 million euros (18 million), includes a jetty, a botanical garden, tennis courts and an annexe. A short drive from Milan, Lake Como’s crystal-clear waters and mountain setting have long attracted the rich and famous.

Clooney’s girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, a former Italian showgirl and television hostess, was reported to be “furious and exasperated” last summer when the villa was staked out by paparazzi. (source)

Oh please Elisabetta. Nabbing George Clooney and becoming famous must have its God damn perks so get the hell over the fat paps that sit outside praying for a picture of you. They want George not his flavor of the month.

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