George Clooney's Flasks It Up On The Red Carpet, Stands For Sandra Bullock But Not Mo'Nique

Mar 09th, 2010

If you were watching the Oscars on Sunday, you may have noticed George Clooney looking like a sourpuss every time the camera zoomed in on his face. And why did he stand for Sandra Bullock when she won, but not for Mo'Nique? What you may not have known is that Mr. Clooney was probably drunk. Before entering the awards, Clooney was seen enjoying his flask on the red carpet.

Sparking controversy in regards to race, many are speculating that Clooney simply did not stand for Mo'Nique due to her being black. In my opinion, he was probably too drunk to understand what the hell was going on. Either way he looked like an idiot, but a rich idiot at that. Who cares, he's loaded, I'm not :)

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