Hanes Doesn't Have It Charlie Sheen's Way

Jan 12th, 2010

Looks like Michael Jordan may be ridin' solo. Turns out Hanes underwear has decided to drop Charlie Sheen faster than his fist dropped on his wife, Brooke Mueller. Hanes decided to axe commercials on December 28, a little later than they wanted as networks were closed over the Holiday weekend.

The actor's Christmas Day arrest on domestic violence charges sent his sponsor scrambling to pull commercials featuring him and basketball star Michael Jordan over the holidays.

The ads for the "Comfortsoft" line of Hanes undershirts were last scheduled to air on Janury 1 of this year, according to a Hanesbrands spokesperson, but after the arrest most of the commercials disappeared.

"We suspended the commercials on December 28," spokesman Matthew Hall said. "Some were seen on the 25th, 26th, 27th as we could not reach the networks over the holiday weekend."

Sheen's contract ends in the middle of this year, although there were no other commercials planned.

"We do have a print ad in some trade publications using Mr. Sheen that are scheduled to run this spring," Hall said. Because of publishing schedules, those ads could not be changed. (source)

A drunk rehabbed wife and a dude with too much testosterone = no bueno. Hitting is bad ya'll.

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