Harry protects the crown jewels

Aug 31st, 2012

Prince Harry has long been viewed as the wild card of the royal family (I myself feel the Beatrice and Eugenie fashion show is often more risky but that’s just me). From inappropriate fancy dress get ups to rumored pot smoking, racist slurs and fairly hefty partying, Harry has been linked to many a scandal.

However, photos being splashed across various media outlets are sure to have the palace in a dither working out responses – and perhaps land Prince Harry in some hot water with minimal pocket money?

Whatever the reaction from the palace, the photos are priceless. Let’s face it – it looks like a great party!!

I guess the next question has got to be – who took the pictures and how quickly were they dropped as a mate? Although speculation is already mounting over what a sex tape might go for… Food for thought if you find yourself short of coin Harry!!!

(Photo source:TMZ)

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