Has Chris Brown’s Bad Rap Pushed Him Overboard? His New Disguise Gets Him Two Thumbs Down

Aug 29th, 2009

Okay, What's going on? We understand that Chris may be suffering from the soreness of being beaten to a bloody pulp by the media and everyone else because of...well..beating Rihanna to a bloody pulp.

However, there is no excuse for this dorky disguise, it's just weird. Chris Brown is a cutie, there's no denying that. Why you wanna go all Steve Erkel on us, huh?

Chris Brown, we know its hard being you right now, but do us and yourself a favor and change your appearance pronto.

Hey Chris, one quick question. Where is your probation officer?

You need to be put in the slammer for sporting this getup.

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cllgbnd9114 on 08/29/2009 @ 02:39

You guys are idiots! This picture is from last month! Leave Chris alone! Then maybe he will start to "show" a little remorse for you guys.

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