Hayden Panettiere Wants A Piece Of Gerard Butler

Mar 08th, 2010

Poor Jennifer Aniston. Every gal in Hollywood always seems to want her man. Even little trolls like Hayden Panettiere. According to many sources, as soon as Gerard Butler walked into the Vanity Fair after Oscar party last night, Hayden got all giddy like a school girl.

Hayden Panettiere was chatting with pals at the Vanity Fair/Brioni Artists for Peace and Justice benefit in L.A. when she saw Gerard Butler walk in - without Jennifer Aniston. "Oh, my God!" she whispered. "Gerard Butler is here!" The newly brunette beauty politely waited for her chance to flirt with the older hunk, who was surrounded by other lovelies. (source)

Jen, you may wanna keep an eye on your hunk. You know how Hayden usually likes her men: gray, much loaded, and loaded.

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