Is Mel Gibson A Woman Beater?

Jun 28th, 2010

Could Mel Gibson love beatin' on the ladies? While we know the infamous actor has a history of harassing women, we're not totally sure we believe his once girlfriend and baby mama, Oksana. TMZ has learned that Oksana's lawyers went to the family law court in downtown L.A. last Monday for an emergency hearing, citing that Mel allegedly got violent with her.

Sources tell TMZ the judge issued a restraining order prohibiting Mel from having any contact with Oksana. We're told the next day, Mel's lawyers went back to court and got the order modified so Mel could see their daughter.

We're told Mel also got a restraining order against Oksana, but only with respect to prohibiting her from releasing certain information.

It's all about the he said, she said, bullshizz. Maybe he found out she was a Jew...

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