Jaden Smith Made $3 Million From "The Karate Kid" Remake

May 05th, 2011

It pays to be Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's kid. Literally. According to TMZ (who obtained Jaden Smith's contract from June 2009 for The Karate Kid flick he signed up for), the 10-year-old at the time had an up-front fee that was split into two installments. One for $900,000 and one for $100,000.

But Jaden's back end deal was even more lucrative -- since the film topped $150 million in the domestic box office, the young actor locked down another $2 million bonus. But $3 million is the bare minimum -- based on several additional in-contract perks AND the astronomical success of the film, Jaden likely pulled in even more.

That kid makes more in a day than I will in a lifetime. Sad reality.

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