Jay-Z Madly in Love with Beyonce

Jun 02nd, 2009

Beyonce did more than light up the stage at her recent concert @ London's O2 Arena, she lit up her boyfriend's heart. While it's cute and all, is this really the kind of publicity Jay-Z is looking for? Shouldn't he be out smacking bitches and flashing his HOVA? At least yell, Everybody get down, now! before the show starts, jeesh!

Beyonce gave husband Jay-Z a show to remember at London's O2 Arena, as he watched from the sound deck centre stage.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "When she was dropped down by a harness to the stage right in front of Jay his face lit up."

But the rapper couldn't watch as her male dancers did their routine around her: "She kept looking over and giving him a smile, and when the dancers got hold of her he covered his face." (source)

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