Jay-Z Needs to Chill Out

May 15th, 2009

It's amazing how demanding one person can actually be. Besides banking a quarter of a million dollars to perform at the University of Arizona last month, Jay-Z required an insane list of items as per his stay. The rapper requested his room be stocked with Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, two bottles of $300 Champagne and two bottles of 2004 Sassicaia red wine. Jay-z also demanded to be driven around town in a 1957 or 1962 model Maybach, with windows tinted, estimated at $400,000. Yeah, right! Shit, if I was famous, I'd be happy if my room was equipped with a bowl of M&M's and a toilet to deposit those M&M's at a later point in time.

When Jay-Z headlined last month at the University of Arizona, the rapper banked a whopping $750,000 for his set. But the chart-topping performer did not get every perk requested in his concert rider, since the school does not provide artists with alcohol, tobacco, or $400,000 luxury vehicles. As seen on the following pages from his 2009 concert rider, Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) demands that promoters provide him with ground transportation while he is in town performing. Specifically, the rap star requires a late-model black Maybach (either the 57 or 62 model) with tinted windows.

Carter's dressing room (72 degrees, please) must be stocked with Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, and two bottles of $300 Champagne. Oh, and the 39-year-old performer also needs two bottles (at $200 apiece) of 2004 Sassicaia, which his rider helpfully describes as a "Red, Italian Wine from Bolgheri Region." Additionally, Carter requires "Good Quality" peanut butter and jelly, one martini shaker, 12 shot glasses, and a pack of Marlboro Lights. (source)

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