Jesse James Used Sandra Bullock's Credit Card To Purchase High Priced Call Girl

Apr 09th, 2010

Cheating on your wife is bad enough. But paying to cheat on her with her own credit card is a wholeeeee new level of scum. Welcome to the ever crashing world of Jesse James. Turns out he used Sandra Bullock's credit card to pay for a high priced call girl while she was out of town filming The Blind Side.

Let me introduce you to "Sammy" from Ohio. She's the "high priced" call girl who got a nice piece of Sandra's earnings to nail her hubby. It's being reported that she collected tens of thousands from James over a 15 month period. Most of it was charged to Bullock's card.

According to a source close to James drugs, threesomes and lots of role playing took place.

Signed, sealed, delivered, those divorce papers are definitely yours now, Jesse.

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