Joe Jonas Impresses The Ladies With A Weiner & A Soda

Jul 01st, 2010

If Joe Jonas were a 16-year-old boy, this story might be adorable. Joe decided to flirt with a mystery blonde gal at the Lakers vs. Suns game (obviously before the championship games) by sending her a weiner and a soda. Looks like he knows a way to a gal's heart.

We've all heard of a guy sending a girl a drink to get her attention. but a wiener? That's a new one. [Late last month] Joe Jonas was so into a cute blonde at the Lakers vs. Suns game at the Staples Center in L.A. that he sent her a hot dog and a cola. "The girl was totally surprised to find out her snack was courtesy of Joe Jonas," a source tells Star. The shy gal wrote her name and phone number on a napkin and asked the waiter to deliver it to the pop hunk. Jokes the source, "I hope he got tipped well for playing matchmaker!"

Unfortunately Joe sent those treats to her blonde brother next to her. WE KID.

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