Joe Jonas Shows Us His "Single Lady"

Jun 04th, 2009

In what can only be described as a desperate plea for attention, Joe Jonas is surely not trying hard enough to distance himself from the gay rumors. When you throw on Single Ladies and rummage up your Beyonce like dance skills, there's cause for concern...

And although tweens around the world are probably pushing their faces up against the computer, pining over this disaster, I think their little hearts will break when they grow up and realize the truth--that straight men usually don't put on their mother's old leotard and rock it to Beyonce. Only of course if you're Justin Timberlake and you're on SNL.

So even though this whole Single Ladies fad basically died MONTHS ago, Joe Jonas obviously got the memo a little too late and stuffed himself into a tight leotard to give his take on the hit parody.

Hook, line, and sinker I think I just saw People magazine's editors eyes light up with money signs. Their future "I'm Gay!" cover story has been handed to them ten years too early. Check it out!

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