John Mayer Loses His Cell Phone Full Of Nude Famous Women

Sep 28th, 2010

He may be our generation's most famous crooner, but John Mayer is also known as our most notorious playboy. The singer has been freaking out recently after losing his cell phone. And guess what? Apparently his phone contains some risque photos of some very famous ladies.

Biggest fear for most celebs when they lose a cell phone is some strange-o accessing their VIP contacts and prank-calling A-list pals -- but the fallout would be much worse for Badboy John, who's made no bones about his skanky-panky with rich and famous females. Revealed a close friend: "He told me his cell contains personal photos -- and videos -- of some of the famous women he's dated." Shuddered My Spy: "John's just frantic over the missing phone. He hopes it's lying on the bottom of the Hudson River!" (Print Edition)

And the countdown begins...

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