John Mayer on the Prowl, Next Target Jessie James

May 20th, 2009

Let me fuck you tuck you in! John Mayer, tried to pull the ole one-two-I'm-a-celebrity punch card, the other night at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. The musician was trying to score some bonus points with up-and-coming pop-star Jessie James (not to be confused with motorcycle enthusiast Jesse James or Adult film star Jesse Jane). The two were tweeting chatting all night until Mayer suggested they leave and head over to his apartment. Jessie ended up leaving Mayer's apartment before he was able to dabble with her hit single. Mayer continued to text Jessie throughout the night, texting sweet nothings like, "Let me tuck you in" and "I want to see you." Creepy!

So John Mayer has gone from top of the food chain, Jennifer Aniston to bottom of the barrel (but on her way to the top), Jessie James. That'll be a fun ride.

"He had someone send for me [from] across the room. He had a bunch of girls with him and he said, 'We should [all] go back to my apartment.' " She said Mayer left first to avoid the paparazzi, and when they got to Mayer's apartment, "We were all hanging out and everyone started to gradually leave. It was just he and I at this point. I told him, 'I need some taxi money, I'm gonna go home now.' " Mayer asked James for her number and she gave it to him before leaving. She recalled, "He texted me throughout the entire night while I was at the hotel room," leaving messages like, "Let me tuck you in. I want to see you."

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