John Mayer's Megan Fox Punchline

Jul 09th, 2010

John Mayer's a comedian now. The soulful singer took his funny ways to Comedy Cellar about a month ago (same place where he made a fool of himself four years ago) and made a joke regarding Kate Hudson and Megan Fox when he spotted a reporter in the audience.

This time, talent — or luck — was on Mayer’s side. The "Gravity" singer managed to do a solid 10 minutes of standup without making any racial slurs (as he did on his first go-round.). "I just hooked up with Kate Hudson," Mayer said when he heard there was a reporter in the audience. "… with Megan Fox's hand." According to one Cellar dweller, Mayer "was really nervous right before he went on and kept checking over his notes that he brought onstage," but went over fairly well with the crowd.

And then Megan Fox showed up with her engagement ring on her finger, switched it to the middle, and told Mayer "Sit and your dreams babe!"

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