John Travolta's Son Jett Died, Blow to Head

Jan 05th, 2009

John Travolta's son, Jett Travolta, died instantly yesterday in the Bahamas. Sixteen year-old Jett, an Autism patient, smacked his head into a bathtub, toilet seat, or both, reports say, and died on impact from the severe blow to the head. TMZ reports, appears Jett went back and forth to his room and the fatal injury occurred "very shortly" before Jett was found on the bathroom floor McDermott called it a "small window of time."

...There was blood on the floor of the bathroom, but "not a tremendous amount." It appears the striking of Jett's head was the cause of death, though it won't be clear until the autopsy is performed Monday morning. (source)

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kelleykelcamp on 03/19/2009 @ 16:04

I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. Losing someone you love so sudden is tragic. I lost my mom 17 yrs ago.She had just turned 49. Not a day goes by without me thinking about her in some way. The saying Time will help heal your pain is true. It does get easier after all of the different stages of grief have run its course. The love & memories will always be there. It gets easier to talk about them in every day conversations as time goes by. Take Care. You have a beautiful family & you are definitely my favorite actor. Kelley Campbell

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