Jon Gosselin Actually Spends Time With His Kids?

Oct 26th, 2009

We're pretty surprised with these photos. No Ed Hardy? No Michael Lohan on his side? No mouthing off to the paparazzi or creating a scene at his home with Kate Gosselin? Is Jon Gosselin trying to win father of the year or something? Who knew he actually remembered he had kids so much so that he hung out with them last week.

We're pretty sure this is an attempt of winning over whoever the hell cares about him and his family---to be quite honest, we doubt anyone like that exists, but let's let Jon pretend someone out there does. We started to forget that he actually is a dad. We've been so caught up in his fashion faux pas and BFFL obsession with father of the century, M Lohan. And look how HIS kids turned out...

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