Jon Gosselin Has Wiped Out He and Estranged Wife, Kate Gosselin's Bank Account

Oct 06th, 2009

Leave it to Jon Gosselin to fool himself! Seems like the hard pAArtying fasher has been having a little toooo much fun with he and estranged wife, Kate Gosselin's joint bank account. So much so that he pulled out $200K, leaving Kate with only $1K. has learned exclusively that if Jon does not return the money soon, problems will be a swingin' his way.

Marty Singer has been named one of Los Angeles’ top lawyers year after year and now he’s just issued a stern warning to both Jon Gosselin and his lawyer Mark Heller.

Singer tells in an exclusive interview: “If the money is not immediately returned, we will be looking into potential claims against Mr. Heller if he had any involvement with the violation of the court order.

"It is very disappointing that Jon Gosselin has escalated this to such an ugly place that her lawyers have to do everything they can to protect her and her children from his outrageous actions."

Kate hired Lavely & Singer after discovering Jon secretly pulled out $200,000 from their bank account, leaving her with only $1,000. That action violated a court order and Singer sent Jon's lawyer a letter via email but never heard back. Meanwhile, Jon and his lawyer appeared on Larry King Live and Jon told the national TV audience he wanted to put the brakes on his divorce and establish a better relationship with Kate. (source)

And that's the way the cookie crumbles when you're a dad beat dad whose fashion sense consists of Ed Hardy and greasy food stains.

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