Jon Gosselin Is Christian Audigier's Newest Protege for Ed Hardy

Jul 13th, 2009

Jon Gosselin a famewhore? No never! He'd use his 15 minutes for charity or something productive, right? Well, now he's got Kate Gosselin by the balls with his latest project. Working for Christian Audigier! We can hear Kate's cringing as she falls over in the fetal position in pure jealousy.

Sure, Kate might have the iconic hair (whatever the hell that is), but looks like Jon's bringing in the bacon in St. Tropez this week where he's shacked up with his 22-year-old mistress and a little Audigier.

Jon Gosselin is still in St. Tropez with his 22-year-old whore where he's apparently talking to Christian about working for Ed Hardy. (source)

Steps to becoming successful like Jon:

1) Get married young
2) Knock her up young
3) Make her get some drugs that allows her to deliver 23523 babies at once
4) Land a reality series deal
5) Let the woman boss you around for sympathy
6) Cheat on her arse
7) Make the public feel your pain in having to cheat because the women you married is secretly Lucifer
8) Become an Ed Hardy spokesman

A few Us Weekly covers later and you're in the $$$$$.

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