Jon Gosselin Wasn't Hugged Enough As A Child

Nov 03rd, 2009

How much lower can Jon Gosselin really stoop? After leaving his offspring of 8 for sorostitute Hailey Glassman, he has continued to reach stardom by apparently having Hailey stage abuse claims. But oh gets better! Jon is also "in the works" (whatever that means) for a million dollar reality show with Octomom Angelina-wannabe, Nadya Suleman. Jon's publicist is clearly very desperate for money because either A)Jon blew it all on the entire John Hardy collection or B) John Hardy + Cigarettes = bankruptcy? According to recent reports:

Jon doesn't have much money left and he is not currently searching for a real job. Jon still seeks money through his fame and notoriety. He really wants a reality show of his own, and he is stretching out every moment of the drama for a dollar. (source)

It's fascinating that Jon truly believes his "fame" and "notoriety" will rake in the cash. Your desperate attempts for attention are pathetic at best Jon... Could you think of at least ten L.A therapists just waiting for his call for help?

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