Jon Gosselin's Douche Misspelled Tattoo!

Jul 13th, 2010

Jon Gosselin is not the smartest of men, this we already know. So is it any surprise that he misspelled his girlfriend Ellen's name wrong in Korean? Not to me! According to Life&Style, Jon may have spelled all eight of his kids' names right, but he was no way close in reppin' his chick right.

Hyung-eun Min of the Korean Culture Service tells Life & Style John’s spelling of Ellen’s name is actually the Korean spelling of the male name Aaron or Aron. Luckily, Jon’s kids’ names, which he also had inked on his back, are spelled correctly. And while there’s no room to add more children’s names to his tattoo, there’s plenty of space on the scroll below his girlfriend’s name. Looks like “Aaron” might not be the last girlfriend to grace Jon’s back!


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