Josh Duhamel Is A Chick Magnet -- A Crazy Chick Magnet

Oct 07th, 2010

While out promoting his new flick Life As We Know It, Josh Duhamel was surprised by a female fan who basically jumped on him and tried playing tonsil hockey with the hottie. Unfortunately for us, Fergie's on tour and wasn't there to make this even more dramatic for us than it already is.

Josh Duhamel was manhandled by a mystery woman who tried to snog the handsome star at Thursday's premiere of his movie, "Life as We Know It." Duhamel, married to Black Eyed Peas star Fergie, was shocked when the well-groomed stranger "marched up to him after the movie had finished at the Ziegfeld, grabbed his neck and tried to start making out with him. She seemed pretty excited. He was trying to get away but she'd clamped on. A security guard had to pull her off and throw her out. She was lucky his wife was on tour." A source close to Duhamel said, "It was a little freaky. She wouldn't let go."

Please. Josh hooks up with chicks for a living while his wifey ain't around. We know this all too well. He probably slipped her the hot beef injection shortly after. We kid!...or do we ?

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