Jude Denies He Hit A Female Photographer

Jul 24th, 2009
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sheryl on 07/24/2009 @ 19:31

I call bull on what you said, because Jude did not have a balled-up fist, his hand was poised like he was trying to shield his eyes. My god! I'm so sick of paps getting away with everything and creating unsafe situations with their multiple flashbulbs and scittering around like cockroaches while a celeb is just trying to get from point A to point B, and then crying foul when someone gets hurt when the mess they create makes a very ripe situation for an accident like this to happen. Plus, there's a pic from the next night in front of Wyndhams when Jude was trying to leave where a big honkin' pap appeared to have his fist shoved in Jude's stomach and his camera poised like he was going to hit him. I say, have him charged with assault, Jude! He had his hand in your stomach, that's not allowed. If you had done it to him, it would have been assault. Go Jude!!! Oh, and the "lady pap?" Totally milking it for money or 15 minutes.

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