Jude Law's Not The Best Of Fathers

Mar 17th, 2010

Last I knew, father's didn't 'thrash' out a deal to see their kid only twice a year. You may as well spare yourself the deal and just see the kid whenever you want. Jude Law, never the shy guy in producing babies, has done just this and has agreed to see his lovechild, Sophia, twice a year.

Jude held this talk with Sam Burke at a Miami hotel. Not to mention it was the first time he had seen Sophia. Mind you, Sophia was born five months ago.

News of the World reported:

A pal of model Sam said: "Jude will visit his daughter at least twice a year, once around Christmas."

The written deal was thrashed out by Jude's lawyer, along with child maintenance - believed to top $5,000 a month - and an agreement not to talk about her fling with Jude.

Dad-of-four Law, who is back dating actress Sienna Miller, barely spoke to Sam, 25. The pal added: "He was quite stand-offish with her. He cuddled Sophia and admitted she looked beautiful but his visit was fleeting and seemed mainly businesslike."

Here's to hoping this kid grows up as normal as possible. Sienna, when will you ever get a clue?

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