Justin Bieber Causes Fan Craze At Fast Food Restaurant

Jul 01st, 2010

Ah, the first of July. The first time I'm writing about Justin Bieber. Here it is. I've caved in. Underneath all the success, millions of girls screaming his name, Justin Bieber is just your average 16-year-old. And what do 16-year-old teenage boys love? Fast food, duh. But if you're Justin, it's not as simple as placing an order on the take-out line and leaving. Instead, you get pandemonium.

Justin Bieber triggered insane gridlock at a Hollywood Taco Bell when he rolled down his limo window, chirped his order -- and half a dozen counter babes instantly emitted bloodcurdling screams when they recognized the 16-year-old singing sensation! Pandemonium reigned for nearly 10 minutes as the hysterical chicks aimed cell phone cameras at him through the takeout window, shrieking "I LOVE YOU!" over and over and over... until furious customers in line started blowing horns nonstop. Visibly nervous, Justin snatched his food and yelled at his limo driver: "GO...GO...!" (Print Edition - 6/21)

The only thing I love about this Bieber craze? The fact that his insane teenage girl friends harass Kim Kardashian on a daily basis. That's LOVE...mixed with a little psychoticness.

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melissa on 07/12/2010 @ 05:51

I feel sorry for him that he can't even go to Taco Bell like a normal guy. I wish his fans would be a little more conciderate ya know. If I was there I wouldn't scream I'd just be like I'm a huge fan. Idk I just feel kinda sorry for him.

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