Justin Bieber Is Under Investigation For Lazer Tag Assault

Oct 19th, 2010

Justin Bieber may be hated by boys nationwide, but that won't stop the teen idol from defending himself against the haters. While out with a bunch of friends at a laser tag center in British Columbia over the weekend, a bunch of teen hecklers started with the singer...this led to an altercation and Justin getting the boot.

The owner of a laser tag centre said Bieber was kicked out of the facility after a 12-year-old boy complained to staff he was hit by the singer.

Bieber came to the facility with two body guards and was playing a game of laser tag with 12 to 14 others.

Staff of the laser tag centre said the 16-year-old pop star from Stratford, Ont., was being followed around and heavily targeted during the game.

Richmond RCMP confirmed they are investigating an assault involving a 12-year-old boy at an entertainment facility.

"In investigations such as this, we would speak to anyone who may have information that could help the police investigation and of course that would include anyone witnesses, people working at the facility, et cetera," said RCMP Cpl. Annie Linteau

Apparently the kid called Justin a f*gg*t. Who knew the Biebs had it in him?

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