Justin Bieber Makes $300K A Night

Sep 30th, 2010

Ready to jump off a bridge? Because that's what we felt like doing after learning the following. Basically Justin Bieber makes more in one night than most of us do in five years. And he's only 16 and that makes us want to vomit yet again..

According to reports, the Biebs makes a minimum of $300,000 per concert. This puts him near the top of the summertime tour earnings list.

The 16-year-old performer earns more per gig than established acts like Sheryl Crow ($146,500), Weezer ($150,000), and Bret Michaels ($64,000). Bieber, though, does not command as much as Rascal Flatts ($702,500), Kiss ($500,000), or Keith Urban ($487,500).

Like many acts, Bieber can earn more than his guaranteed $300,000 fee based on gross box office receipts (GBOR), a percentage of which is provided to the teen star post-concert. Additionally, when promoters provide Bieber with sound and lighting systems, that is a show cost for which the young performer is not responsible.

Bieber, represented by the powerhouse Creative Artists Agency, does not pay for an opening act, is guaranteed “100% Headline billing,” and closes all shows, according to his standard performance contract.

Our heads are spinning.

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