Justin Bieber Wants A Jet

Nov 04th, 2010

While I'm off saving for a new bed set, Justin Bieber is whining about having his own jet. Because, you know, this is what a typical 16-year-old is worrying about nowadays. Justin may fly NetJets (time shares on private planes), but a source claims he's sick of it and wants even more private space.

Now, the privacy-obsessed Bieber has said he is not satisfied with merely flying NetJets (he purchased time shares on private planes). "Even that isn't private enough for Justin. He hates it when other NetJets people approach him at the terminal and ask for autographs or photos. ... He now is shopping for his own private plane -- likely a G-4," the source said.

BRB, gotta heat up my ramen noodles for dinner.

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