Justin Timberlake Dukes It Out With A Paparazzi...(Almost)

Jul 16th, 2009

Usually it's the celebrities who have their way with the paparazzi. A light camera smashing on the floor or a nice punch to the head. But Justin Timberlake almost got more than he bargained for outside of his hotel in Los Angeles. The paparazzi looks like a redeemed KKK member who's about to lose it. You may have brought sexy back, Justin, but we doubt you'd be able to punch back.

According to WENN, that's Justin Timberlake being "harassed by an aggressive paparazzo as he arrives at his hotel in Los Angeles." No word on what pissed the paparazzo off but Justin's lucky he backed down because he would have gotten his ass kicked. The guy has no hair to pull. Justin would have had no way to defend himself. (source)

Please, we're sure this is just some 'cool unique way' to study up on a part Justin's trying to nab in Hollywood. Please, Hollywood execs, Rocky 32423 starring this guy would simply not work. Guys with high falsetto's never play the tough guy. He should have had his she-hulk GF, Jessica Biel, show that pap who the boss was.

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