Justin Timberlake Dumps Jessica Biel, Can't Say We're Surprised

Oct 01st, 2009

Yet another crappy actress to add to JT’s list of exes. The list is starting to read like the cast of a D-list romantic comedy, but who is keeping track? Reports from Us Weekly claim that Justin Timberlake has ditched Jessica Biel for the single life, yet again. Can’t really say we’re surprised… The former N’SYNCer loves ‘em until it is about time to put a ring on it—then it’s splitsville.

What was Timberlake’s weapon of choice in the breakup you ask? Text message? E-mail? He went an extra step and had the decency to make a phone call and it is sounding like that was it. Sounds like yet another reason to believe JT hasn’t grown any pubes yet.

There is no sympathy here for you Justin because, let’s be real: you can’t get much hotter than the Bielster (physically, that is, because her career has been flat-lining since I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry).

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Antonio on 10/04/2009 @ 20:10

First they want to get Married, Then they break up, get back together, break up. SERIOUSLY he better not be going for Rihanna. If he does he will loose all of my respect.

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