Kanye West Bids Ado to His Amber Rose

Jun 11th, 2009

Get ready for his new album to include some heartbreak songs. Kanye West and his ho-licious GF, Amber Rose, have called it quits. We’re sure your girlfriend naked all of the time has its perks in the beginning, but then why continue to buy the cow if you can just get the milk for free?

There are other video ho’s in the sea, Kanye! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an auto-tune-less break-up song—please, voice of a generation, we beg of thee. We’ll pay YOU so we don’t end up in the hospital with bloody ears.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks and 'Nye's rep finally spilled, confirming, "They are no longer a couple." (source)

We’re hoping for a demeaning rap song. At least we’ll no longer have to suffer through the views of he and this alien walking the red carpet together. We don’t know where her skin ends and hair begins. Then again she basically was sporting the same do she more than likely does underneath her pants. But she technically never wears pants...okay, we’re just confusing ourselves now.

Speaking of never wearing pants, Kanye and Lady Gaga are set to tour together this fall as a duo. Neither of them will be opening for the other. Instead you’ll get a concert with the two performing at the same time. No pants and a lot of cockiness, sounds like a party.

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