Kevin Federline: From K-Fed to K-Fed-Himself-to-Fat

Sep 03rd, 2009

Although Kevin Federline is far from our cup o' tea, we will give Britney Spears credit for having him when he was fit and in shape. Unfortunately, those days are long gone and being a parent has taken a toll on this once fit dancer. If you're looking for an autograph from this guy (although we don't understand why you would) you can probably find him in any LA grocery down the Twinkie aisle.

Here's Kevin with his meal tickets swimming in the pool. Hey Kev, ever heard of swimming with your clothes on? You should try it some time so we're not forced to vomit every time we see you without a shirt on. Oh Britney, why it didn't work with Justin Timberlake is beyond us!

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