K-Fed Himself Depression Style

Feb 02nd, 2010

Well I call bullshizz, Kevin Federline blames his weight gain over being depressed after splitting with Britney Spears. Yes, he must have been so depressed when he cheated on her and got with every chick in LA following their divorce. An excuse for eating twinkies to nab a spot on a VH1 reality show? Me thinks so.

“They called me and they asked me if I wanted to do it and I had maybe 24 hours to decide because the show started taping the next day after that weekend,” he said. “It just couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Married to pop star Britney Spears for two years, Kevin revealed that depression played a big part in his overeating.

“Once you get depressed, you don’t really feel like doing anything. You’re kind of discouraged about yourself and then the weight gain too, or that makes me more depressed,” he said. “I mean, it’s a combination of all of those things.” (source)

Kevin may have gotten fat, but Britney got the crazies. Sorry, but it looks as though Britney won the worst actions post divorce. Can one really blame depression when their appetite consisted of smoking three j's a day and heading to TBell to satisfy all cravings? Especially when a reality show is waiting in the wings to get your fat a$$ down to its normal size? Hell, I'd put on 30 L.B.'s if I knew I'd drop them for 15 more minutes of fame. And here we thought Britney's Mocha Frab cheeto diet was doing her wrong.

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