Larry King's 8th Divorce Is One For The Guinness Book

Apr 15th, 2010

You'd think by now Larry King would know a thing or two on how to make a marriage work. I guess those who divorce after divorce only know how to divorce. The 76-year-old CNN host of Larry King Live is giving the boot to wifey of 13 years, Shawn King.

Mind you, Shawn is only Larry's seventh wife...he divorced his third wife, Alene Akins, twice. Shawn sought out to divorce Larry, but he jumped to the punch before she could cry alimony. Both cited "irreconcilable differences." Go figure!

Although in Hollywood years, this is equivalent to 50 years of marriage. The couple were married in a hospital room in 1997 just days before the CNN famed dude underwent surgery. They have two kids together.

The petitions differ in that Larry King is seeking joint custody, while his 50-year-old wife wants physical custody.

Larry King is also asking a judge not to award his wife any spousal support and to invalidate an agreement in which he transferred property to her, court records show. Shawn King's petition seeks spousal support from her husband, along with ownership of the couple's home in Beverly Hills, Calif., and two properties in Utah.

Way to take him for a whole lot and then some. If this doesn't cause him a heart attack, what will?

***UPDATE*** Who knew Larry had it in him? Turns out Larry was having an affair with his wife's sister!!! Shawn found out from his credit card statement by finding purchases for a $160,000 and car and "tons of gifts from Cartier." Since none of these gifts were given to her, she believes Larry gave them to her sis, Shannon Ehemann.

Earlier, Shannan made mention that Larry did give her some tokens of affection, but insisted he did the same for the entire family.

Something sounds pretty rotten to us!

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