Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Died On A Plane

Nov 23rd, 2010

It would have been the most ironic death (you know, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean and freezing to death like Jack Dawson did in Titanic ... p.s. Rose = total beotch for not sparing half of the floating wood) Leonardo DiCaprio's plane had to make an emergency landing at Kennedy Airport last Sunday after an engine failed.

The actor was trying to fly to Moscow to attend the wildlife conservancy Tiger Summit, his rep said yesterday.

But the Boeing 767 he was on wound up back on the tarmac after one of its two engines blew just minutes after takeoff -- and DiCaprio found himself spending part of the evening signing autographs for crew and passengers.

The pilot of Delta Flight 30 had told authorities that he thought the engine was damaged by a bird strike. Witnesses on the ground also reported seeing flames shooting from the craft's left wing.

I'll never let go Jack!

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