Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Over Bar Rafaeli, Parties With Pretty Chicks

Jun 26th, 2009

Looks like it doesn't take much to get Jack Dawson Leonardo DiCaprio going. Right on the brink of rumors that Leo dumped his super model gal pal, Bar Rafaeli, sources caught the ladies man out and about in Hollywood last night. Making a late-night appearance at hot spot MyHouse with a group of guys, it wasn't long until he had a bunch of pretty girls hanging around his table.

Dressed low-key in a baseball cap (you'll never trick us Leo) and unshaven for a couple of days, he grabbed a table and ordered a bottle of vodka for the table. As the night went on, Leo invited a few lucky girls to join him.

About an hour after his arrival, Leo's security guards ushered a few pretty young things (who seemed to be handpicked by the actor himself) from the dance floor to his table.

He was seen whispering and sitting close to both a mystery blonde and a brunette for the rest of the night. (source)

We don't care if the girls were knocks out...you had BAR RAFAELI. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT MODEL. What the hell doesn't this guy get? And you know by whispering, he meant trying to cop a BJ under the table.

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