Lil Wayne's Having Two Sons with Two Different Women

Jun 13th, 2009

If his name means anything, then why do women constantly want to sleep with Lil Wayne? Oh, I know why. Broken condoms and babies on the way in nine months and BAM you’re set for life. Someone puts the P in P-I-M-P because it looks like Lil is about to become a father to two new sons by two different women. Sharing is caring people...

Lil Wayne is the poster child for ugly guys who land hot chicks. Singer Nivea Hamilton and model Lauren London are said to be pregnant by the Lollipop rapper and he's rumored to be marrying Nivea in the next few months. But he’s not a dead beat after all. While he plans to marry the singer, he’ll participate in raising the kid with the model, too.

Riddle me this, but you think with all of the success this guy has had he’s slept with everyone from Carrot Top to Richard Simmons. Why then oh why have unprotected sex with Lil Wayne? The kind who want dolla dolla billz to fix those sexually transmitted illz.

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