Madonna is Making Jerry Seinfeld Go Crazy

May 08th, 2009

What is the deal with Madonna and why is she spending so much time with my wife? I mean, come on! According to the National Enquirer:

"Jerry's wife Jessica is suddenly spending a lot of her time with Madonna and her new toyboy Jesus Luz, and Jerry is freaked out! He doesn't like Jessica staying out until all hours of the night and meeting people he doesn't know. He's afraid Madonna is corrupting her.

"Jerry hates going out, and up until now, Jessica was mostly a homebody too, spending their evenings coming up with new recipes. But Madonna thinks Jessica needs to have some fun in her life. She's taken her under her wing, and it's making control-freak Jerry nuts. He thinks she could be a bad influence on Jessica, but others are telling Jerry he should let his wife have a little fun."

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