Matt Dillon's A Grumpy Old Man

May 18th, 2011

Matt Dillon ain't having no club business around his back door! After learning that a restaurant would be opening next door to his apartment building on the Upper West Side in NYC, Matt himself went down to the community board liquor-license hearing to complain.

Who knew Upper West Side movie stars were such party poopers? Matt Dillon showed up at a community-board liquor-license hearing Wednesday to complain about a restaurant he claims has "a night club vibe" moving next door to his apartment building. He was dressed "like a random wing nut, and we get a lot of those," one board member said. "No one knew who he was until he spoke up. He was wearing a little porkpie hat and sunglasses -- at 8 p.m.! This is an Upper West Side community board, not a downtown club," the board member told The Post's Jennifer Gould Keil.

This wouldn't have been an issue 10 years ago!

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