Matthew Fox Gets 'Lost' With A Stripper, Cheats On Wife Of 19 Years

Feb 25th, 2010

Man every stripper in America is going to start giving their story about sleeping with some famous dude to nab their 15 minutes of fame. Who's the a$$hole this week? Say hello to Matthew Fox. A stripper, Stefani Talbott, gave In Touch Weekly the juicy news claiming the Lost star bumped narsties with her...twice.

Talbott claims that she slept with Lost star Matthew Fox twice in the past year . . . Stefani says she first met the 43-year-old last July, soon after she started working at Stars Cabaret in Bend, Oregon. “I was dancing onstage, and I made eye contact with him immediately. I got so excited,” Stefani tells In Touch.

Matthew, Stefani says, started by buying her a drink, then paid for four private dances, each worth $20. “He asked me, ‘Why are you working in a place like this?’ I told him that I am a single mom and needed the money,” Stefani says. “He absolutely did not mention a wife or family, and I don’t remember him wearing a wedding ring.” (source)

I met Matthew when I interned for Us Weekly two years ago. He showed up with this woman (who I assumed was his mother) who turned out to be his wife. Matthew went on and on (I got a few quotes with him and had it published in the mag---go me!) about how happy his marriage was. I guess this explains how "happy" he really was with her. I have a soft spot for Dr. Jack Shephard---so sue me.

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