Mel Gibson: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Jun 09th, 2009

Our fingers were crossed hoping this story had to do with another drunk Mel Gibson sounding off against the Los Angeles police. Who else can come up with magical phrases such as "sugar t**s?" Well, he may have not given us a new catch phrase, but he's still just as crazy.

Last week in Malibu, Mel attended his private church--and brought the crazy along. He apparently went on a "crazed rant" against all of the gossipers who attended the church.

“Mel’s completely lost it,” a source told "[His] holier than thou world is falling apart around him -- all these years he’s been preaching the good holy word, and now that the wizard’s curtain has been pulled back, we find that Mel hasn’t been practicing what he preaches.” (source)

We're pretty sure the big guy above us isn't too happy with Mel--even if he did try to make a movie about his son. It's said that Gibson made a huge scene in front of two priests and a visiting bishop.

"He paced back and forth, furiously telling the congregation that he would not stand by and be judged and scrutinized," a source told

“Mel got up on his stage -- the altar -- and went off. He tried to intimidate the parishioners by staring at everyone with his angry eyes. Mel even threatened to shut down the church if people kept gossiping about him. The bottom line is that if Mel hadn’t cheated on his wife and gotten his Russian girlfriend pregnant, there wouldn’t be much to gossip about - he created this mess, and now he’s trying to control it." (source)

We guess Mel will now be joining Scientology since he's basically bashed every religion out there. First he blamed the jews during the "sugar t**s" parade and now it's his own Church. Tom Cruise will welcome him with open arms (probably from behind). Who knew you could be a highly religious man and knock up your girlfriend while you were married? This isn't Utah, my friend. Last time I checked, he didn't have a role on Big Love.

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