Michael Douglas's Son, Cameron Douglas, Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

Apr 20th, 2010

As you know, Michael Douglas's son, Cameron Douglas, had plead guilty to drug related (crystal meth specifically) charges back in January. He found out his fate today and it's far from what anyone would want. Judge Richard Berman has sentenced Cameron, 31, to five years in prison. And so Michael has sent the judge a five-page "please-send-my-son-to-rehab-instead" letter.

The actor/father wrote that he knows the burden of having a Hollywood legend as a father...Kirk Douglas is Michael's father.

"I have some idea of the pressure of finding your own identity with a famous father. I'm not sure I can comprehend it with two generations to deal with."

He went on to say he believes his son could become "a positive force to society."

"He is an adult and responsible for his own actions," Douglas wrote. "We do know, however, that genes, family and peer pressure are a strong influence on a substance abuser."

Michael went on to consistently blame himself and his lifestyle for Cameron's drug woes. From Cameron growing up with his parents in a terrible marriage to constantly having to move due to his father's demanding schedule, Michael had a lot to say in his extremely long, hand-written letter. He also went on to say how much he cherishes his two hour visits with his jailed son.

"He's sober!" Douglas wrote. "I get to witness the wonderful young man he can be. He maintains his spirit, blames no one but himself and recognizes his criminal activity began with his heroin use."

One word: yikes.

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