Michael Jackson's Family Seeks Second Autopsy, Live-In Doctor Found and Questioned

Jun 28th, 2009

Days after we found out the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died, his family is already seeking a second autopsy after the first one ruled out any foul play. Many believe his live in doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, may have been part of the reason as to why Jackson passed away.

As MJ's family gathered at his parents' LA home today to make funeral arrangements, they believe foul play is what caused the untimely death. After examination by the LA County coroner's office failed to determine the cause of death, his body was returned to the family.

"The cause of death (determination) has been deferred, which means that the medical examiner has ordered additional testing such as toxicology and other studies," Los Angeles County Coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey said. "Those tests we anticipate will take an additional four to six weeks."

Speaking to a throng of reporters outside the coroner's office, Mr. Harvey said, "There was no indication of any external trauma or indication of foul play to the body of Mr. Jackson." (source)

At the time Jackson collapsed, his live-in doctor (Murray) was there trying desperately to revive the pop star when paramedics arrived. TMZ reported that the doctor may have been prescribing more Demerol than necessary to the tabloid star which may have triggered his death. Rumors also circulated that he had been injected with a narcotic painkiller shortly before collapsing. Finally turning himself in, Murray's attorney claims he was not trying to beat police.

"Dr. Murray intends to fully cooperate with investigators and law enforcement as they attempt to piece together what happened," attorney Bill Stradley told Reuters in an interview.

"Contrary to what has been out there, Dr. Murray has been cooperating with authorities from the outset and will continue to do so," Stradley said. "The impression that he has been hiding from authorities, that's not correct." (source)

Fans around the world rejoiced upon hearing the terrible news. From Harlem to Hong Kong, people everywhere are devastated about this tragic loss. Keep checking back on HollywoodChaos for the latest on this story.

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