Michael Jackson's Nanny Claims She Witnessed His Addiction

Jun 29th, 2009

Damn this was fast! We expected a bunch of people to come out of the closet and bank on Michael Jackson's death, but boy did it come quickly. Turns out in a new interview with Times of London, Michael Jackson's nanny of more than a decade, Grace Rwaramba, spills the beans about the troubled pop star's history of drug abuse.

By the way, what doctor administered the passing physical test for Jackson's allowance to perform 50 shows in London this July? In the words of Donald Trump "Ya fired." Rwaramba first started out as MJ's office assistant before becoming permanent nanny for his three kids. Not only does she say the kids regard her as their mother, but also claims she was a witness to Jackson's abuse of prescription medication.

Grace was a witness to Jackson’s abuse of prescription drugs. She said he took a mixture of them — in her words, “he always ate too little and mixed too much. I had to pump his stomach many times . . . He always mixed so much of it. There was one period that it was so bad that I didn’t let the children see him.”

Rwaramba claims Jackson was furious with her for trying to get his mother and sister Janet to help. “We tried to do an intervention. It was me, Janet, his mother. I co-ordinated it. He was so angry with me. He screamed at me, ‘You betrayed my trust. You called them behind my back.’ I told him, ‘Michael I didn’t betray your trust. I try to help you.’ But he didn’t want to listen. That was one of the times he let me go.” (source)

Oh and now Rwaramba (rhymes with Chumbawumba...I get knocked down!) fears the Jackson family will blame her for his overdose because she says he tried to make her the scapegoat for his overspending. Looks like this lady had one too many hits of Demerol.

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