New Orleans Saints Tight End Jeremy Shockey Collapsed, Hospitalized

May 25th, 2009

NFL player Jeremy Shockey collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after partying at the Hard Rock Hotel in a pool party called Rehab. He was whisked away on a stretcher while paramedics tried to conceal his identity to onlookers and the media by covering his face. It obviously didn't work.

Sources on the scene tell TMZ Shockey was at Rehab the ironic name of the Sunday pool party at the Hard Rock when he was found unconscious at around 2:00 PM. Paramedics ended up wheeling Shockey out of the Hard Rock via stretcher. We're told the paramedics tried to cover Shockey up so onlookers including a TV camera crew couldn't ID him. (source)

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey is known for his party lifestyle so I'm sure if he was at Rehab, he was partying it up like a college kid. Especially passing out at 2pm, that's some hardcore binge drinking.

We just talked to a rep for the New Orleans Saints, who told us Shockey was just "dehydrated" and that he'll be "fine." (source)

I’m not surprised that the cause of the 'collapse' is 'dehydration'. The life of being rich and famous, when a star like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton get so wasted and pass out cold from partying to hard, it's considered exhaustion or dehydration. The more you know.

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